About us

We are a global leader with over 80 years’ experience supporting industrial, process and resource customers. We provide multi-disciplinary engineering and project delivery services to the upstream oil and gas, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, cement, and mining sectors.

Be an expert in each of our technical disciplines of design and project delivery services to the plant and its operation itself. Our engineers in different disciplines such as process, mechanical, instrumentation and process control, plumbing, electrical, civil, architectural, HVAC, firefighting systems, 3D design, computing, procurement, construction, programming and project management, estimated investment and financial engineering.

Health, Safety and Environmental, sustainable development and minimum social impact, are an integral part of our values, while accountability and commitment to support performance management is within the lifecycle our services. The research and improvement in the welfare of our employees and healthy relationship with our community is a priority in our existence as a company.

The philosophy behind our service cycle is summarized in:

  • Value Creation

    We apply innovative concepts and assist in the selection of appropriate concepts, flowcharts and technologies to optimize the opportunity, improve capital efficiency and minimize asset lifecycle costs.

  • Value Realization

    Using our proven methodology we deliver successful, safe projects, fit for purpose, on schedule and budget. Value Realization is driven by mature time, cost, quality, risk and sustainability management system.

  • Value Improvement

    We support and help manage assets throughout their lifecycle to optimize performance, unlock additional capacity and meet future product quality and emissions requirements. We further support assets through shutdown planning, management and execution.

Our customers expect and receive superior support through the expertise and skill of our people, the use of state-of-the-art design and technology and the application of the company's integrated business systems.

We deliver superior outcomes through integrated project delivery and integrated engineering tools. We are flexible in contracting arrangements and actively pursue long-term partnering and alliance arrangements with our customers.